The Day

Welcome to Point Blank

If you haven’t played paintball, you’ve not experienced the thrill of one of the most exciting and action-packed sports around. Paintball combines adrenalin, skill, strategy and teamwork to create an exhilarating and unforgettable day out – and more than that – it’s FUN !! Crawl through the undergrowth, run protection detail for your Mob Boss or make a dash across the exposed bridge as you out-manoeuvre the opposition to become the champions of the day.

Point Blank is the UK’s leading paintball company and has been offering paintball games to individuals, groups and businesses for 16 years. Point Blank is known as a centre of excellence for paintball – regular players come back time and again and we run separate games once a month for players with their own gear. Point Blank can accommodate all levels of player and all ages (12yrs+) for fun days out, parties, school or business trips and you will always be made most welcome by our well trained, professional and friendly staff.

Built with care

Here at Point Blank, we make sure your paintballing day is fun, exciting and most of all safe. Our team of friendly marshals will welcome you on site, sign you in and make sure you have all you need to play. There’s a covered safe area on site with a sunny picnic area so anyone not wanting to play can relax with a tea or coffee.

You’ll be given a full briefing before you begin so you know what to expect out on the game zones and you can meet your Games Manager and marshals who will look after you for the day. We ask you to please arrive for 9am so we can start playing at 10am (after signing-in and a quick briefing) and you can expect to play at least 12 games in a full day, finishing at around 4.30pm.

We've got you covered

We will provide you with all the equipment you need to play. We recognise that having good equipment can be the difference between a great day and an average day so we provide you with tried and tested, quality equipment which will never be more than 6 months old. This sets Point Blank apart from other sites so you can be sure you won’t have jamming guns or poor quality masks. You will be supplied with a paintball marker, co2 cylinder (refilled all day for free), anti-fog mask, battlepack and loader. Chest guards are available to borrow on the day and gloves are available to purchase separately or as part of our fantastic packages.

Out on the game zones our marshals will look after you at all times and guide you through each map so you know what your objective is and what to do at all times.

There's nothing like us

We guarantee you’ll have a great time at Point Blank. We cater for mixed groups, of all ages and abilities. We have dedicated game days for more regular players so your group won’t be joined with more experienced paintballers and wherever possible we try not to mix children and adults.

Unlike other paintball sites, we take pictures as you play during the day. You can request a BEFORE and AFTER shot of your group and we’ll display the photos on our website and in our dedicated Point Blank mobile app so you can view, share and tag any of your photos. This is perfect for parties or celebrations and provides lasting memories of your day.