Game Zones

Our Game Zones

We have a 10 acre site on which we’ve built 7 custom game zones with more in the pipeline. We have a mixture of terrains on site so you can play traditional games in the woodland as well as more modern concept games on our themed arenas. We will do our best to make sure you get to play on every game zone if you stay with us for a full day event (9am to 4.30pm). Point Blank is based on a genuine WW2 airforce base and retains many of the original features.

From capturing the opposition base to retrieving a bomb or rescuing the General, regardless of the mission, we will make sure you have as much fun as possible diving through the undergrowth, hiding behind barricades and laughing your socks off as you hide from the incoming crossfire !

Our games are styled to be suitable for all ages (12+) and abilities. You don’t have to be particularly fit or fast – just make sure you’re prepared for an unbeatable experience and your most awesome day out this year!

Outpost is our concept game zone which mixes both openair and woodland terrains to give a truly awesome paintball experience. Battle through the undergrowth amongst genuine WW2 landrovers, discarded and long disused military brick bunkers and our oil barrel ammo dumps. Your mission objective will be explained to you at the start of the game as you work as a team to out-manoeuvre your opponents and accrue points to become the ultimate paintball champions.

Speed by name… this is our fast-paced all-action concept field which provides an openair playing experience but with plenty of places to take cover behind our barricades of all shapes and sizes. Capture the bomb from the centre of the game field (in the full heat of the action) and try to battle your way to the opposition start point to win the game.

The Trenches is one of our most popular game zones. This is a game of skill and strategy as you must stealthily battle your way from your trench, across no-man’s land, and into the enemy trench without being seen … or shot. It’s a battle of determination and guts as you never know quite who you might meet round the next corner.

Smoke grenades and paint bombs will come flying at you in this heavily strategic game so it’s not just the paintballs you’ll be dodging as you battle to conquer no-man’s land and become King of the Trenches!

We have 7 game zones in total and we’ll try and get through every game at least twice in a full day. Alongside Outpost, The Trenches and Speedball, a mafia get-away attempt (Ambush Alley) and a Vietnamese-styled village with the uncrossable bridge, (The Bridge). Games vary throughout the day – from cross the bridge and sneak through the Trenches to protect your Mob Boss – and the objectives will be explained at the start of each game.

Paintball is FUN – you don’t need to be particularly fit (there’s plenty of barricades to hide behind) and we accommodate all players from 12yrs upwards. Whilst we try and play 12 games in a day we will come back to the safe zone between games so there’s plenty of time to rest and discuss tactics!